Debt Recovery, Process Servicing & Repossessions - Darwin NT


Institute of Mercantile Agents -

Top End Bailiff and Collection Service was established in March 2000 by Grant and Sue Jonsson as a mercantile agency. Since inception, Top End Bailiff and Collection Service has focused on debt recovery, process serving and repossession.

Based in Darwin, Top End Bailiff and Collection Service services the whole of the Northern Territory and is backed up by a wide range of associated agencies in all other states.

Our team consists of skilled professionals including our solicitor and we are dedicated to delivering timely and cost effective results.

Our Services

Top End Bailiff and Collection Service provides professional Mercantile Services specific to all lines of business including:

We listen

We make sure we understand your needs and instructions by meeting with you and discussing your debt recovery requirements.

We use the right people

Our staff are chosen for their outstanding skills and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our Bailiffs and Interstate Agents are carefully selected for conflict resolution skills and professionalism.

We use the right tools

We use effective, specialised software to receive, record, action and report all aspects of your jobs. We also conduct regular staff meetings to ensure that Top End Bailiff and Collection Service is always legislation compliant and equipped to achieve your desired results.

We understand your business and get the job done

Our staff have all the experience necessary to know the difference between operational issues and strategic targets and we are committed to helping you achieve your goals and ensure better cash flow.

Our staff and bailiffs have a commitment to resolutions which means you get regular, timely, cost efficient and consistent results.

We save you time

We offer one point of contact for all your jobs, no matter which state they are and take responsibility for the conduct of each job and all necessary reporting.

We treat you like a partner

In an industry that can be seen as negative, we are proud of providing positive, motivated and personalised service. After our meeting your allocated account manager will be briefed to your business needs and will be focused on how we can serve you better.

We have the flexibility to change when your markets and legislative environment change, so we can continue to help you meet your targets.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve and serve you better. We are proud to offer you our services which is of the highest standard as our staff abide by the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Institute of Mercantile Agents. We tailor a service to your needs.

We have top security measures in place

Our tropical environment lends itself to power surges and failures from time to time in the 'wet' season and our computer system has the following safeguards in place: